Work in Progress (Articles)

  • Mapping Female Leadership in the European Union

    (co-authored with Ingeborg Tömmel, in preparation)

  • Between Rhetoric and Leadership: A Comparison of Female EU Commissioners (1999-2018)

    (co-authored with Pamela Pansardi, in preparation)

  • Women in the Public Sphere of GCC States: A Study of Media Attention and Attitudes towards Female Empowerment (2000-2017)

    (co-authored with Christin Köber, NYUAD and Irene Skuballa, Open University the Netherlands, in preparation)

  • Women Leaders in the UAE: Theorizing Arab Gulf Female Leadership

    In Laila Prager (ed.) Emirati Womanhood (in preparation)

  • Comparing Democratic and Autocratic Leaders: Conditions for the Study of Political Leadership Across Regime Types

    (in preparation)

  • The Distribution of Wealth: A Comparison of Policies and Leadership in Norway and the United Arab Emirates

    (in preparation)