Edited Volumes & Special Issues

  • 2023

    Special Issue: Women Opposition Leaders: Pathways, Patterns and Performance

    Politics & Governance (1:1) (co-edited with Sarah C. Dingler & Ludger Helms)

  • 2022

    Edited Volume: Women and Leadership in the European Union

    Accepted by Oxford University Press (co-edited with Ingeborg Tömmel)

  • 2020

    Special Issue: The Role of Leadership in EU Politics and Policy Making

    West European Politics (43:5) (co-edited with Femke van Esch)

Contributions to the Special Issue:

Müller, Henriette, and Femke van Esch (2020). The Contested Nature of Political Leadership in the European Union: Conceptual and Methodological Cross-Fertilisation. West European Politics, 43:5, 1051-1071.

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Schild, Joachim (2020). The Myth of German Hegemony in the Euro Area Revisited. West European Politics, 43:5, 1072-1094.

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Schoeller, Magnus (2020). Tracing Leadership: The ECB’s ‚Whatever It Takes‘ and Germany in the Ukraine Crisis. West European Politics, 43:5, 1095-1116.

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Müller, Henriette, and Femke A.W.J. van Esch (2020). Collaborative Leadership in EMU Governance: A Matter of Cognitive Proximity. West European Politics, 43:5, 1117-1140.

URL: Link to Article

Tömmel, Ingeborg (2020). Political Leadership in Times of Crisis: The Commission Presidency of Jean-Claude Juncker, West European Politics, 43:5, 1141-1162.

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Swinkels, Marij (2020). Beliefs of Political Leaders: Conditions for Change in the Eurozone Crisis. West European Politics, 43:5, 1163-1186.

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